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Real estate of the biggest business serves the whole world be an official of man

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On September 17, the subsidiary that the commercial real estate with the greatest whole world serves be an official of manage of the Kingdom of Wei of provider world nation to be in China and China's banner real estate serves adviser of provider great exploit to announce jointly, both sides will spread out cooperation, offer residential project sale to serve together in home.

As we have learned, according to the specific requirement of bilateral synergic clause and client, two companies will provide residential project promotion and sale service in the light of specific project.

More than 10 years in the past, be an official of manage of world nation the Kingdom of Wei devotes oneself to to be in big China area of professional ability extend, included chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan area to already established 15 branches inside, already became the leader of market of this area real estate at present. In Qingdao, project of residence of real estate of a few high end also is pulled by its gradually in bursa.

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