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High power international: Industrial real estate suffers round-the-world economy

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Asia-Pacific area still behaves one branch to grow loco China and India alone beautiful

Landed China net just published from high power international " market of round-the-world industry real estate is medium 2008 general situation " know, industrial property already began to be put delay influence by global economy, the growth of many areas behaves slack, no matter be in,have Asia-Pacific area only domestic economy or respect of industrial property market, become growth locomotive.

The whole world in market of 166 industry property, the land value with Asia-Pacific area is the highest, among them the industrial price of Hong Kong is Asia-Pacific area even global coronal, in June 2008 every square 呎 amounts to the bottom 1, 23.75 dollars; Er and Tokyo head to have after close therewith bright (Ariake) , it is 624.94 dollars of every square 呎 to reach 415.52 dollars respectively. In field of gold of industrial goods warehouse rent charges, xisiluo is in London global be the champion, be as high as annual 26.92 dollars of every square 呎 .

Asia-Pacific area no less than released March " round-the-world industry reports " point out, the economic growth with Asia-Pacific area is highest first half of the year 2008, reach India with China among them one branch alone beautiful, makings growth trend is met by second half of the year came continuously 2008 2009. Although Asia-Pacific area suffers the whole world to economy puts delay to affect and grow speed to decelerate, but the trend lasts, because the commerce inside Asia-Pacific area maintains free flourishing, activity of economy of city of the haven inside the area is very frequent, but difference of gold of goods warehouse rent charges is great, among them Japan, Hong Kong, head the gold of goods warehouse rent charges of Er and Singapore is annual every square 呎 evens more 15 dollars. The coronal of gold of warehouse rent charges of the goods inside Asia-Pacific area has for Tokyo bright (annual every square 呎 25.87 dollars) , the 2nd pass an imperial examination is Japanese yokohama 3 respectively (annual 19.93 dollars of every square 呎 ) reach Japanese Pu An (annual every square 呎 19.46 dollars) .

Europe, middle east and Africa 2008 first half of the year, euro area and British economy stagnation not before, the growth of property market stabilizes storehouse of goods of even if Europe, but already by the horizontal fall after a rise 2007. Spain, Holand, Austria, Belgian, Sweden, Denmark reachs the market such as England, expect at prospective a few months is reduced because of the price and making return rate rises. The market anticipates redound of country of the other inside the area is stable, but certain state may express now to slip. London gold of goods warehouse rent charges is most high inside the area, and the price of land of high grade industry of this market is every square 呎 160.15 dollars, also be the coronal inside area of Europe Central Africa.
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