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Intermediate measures couplet travel: Demand puts delay office building empty bu

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Intermediate measures couplet to point out all right, summary city of mansion of business of area of Hong Kong core in August, rate of integral empty buy is slight rise. Because market demand growth puts delay, add upside to divide tenement to change leaves core area and join an unit, make go up the business mansion area that the month vacates increases. And empty buy rate rises integral office building to 5.1% , relatively the tower above end July 0.7 percent.

Annulus gong bay clinchs a deal in cut

Intermediate measures Wu Zhonghao of department of trade of Hong Kong of director of couplet travel district to say: "Bay of annulus, gong is mixed in bay young area is in August clinch a deal quantity somewhat cut, because bargain process is medium,basically appear greater resistance. Be in these core areas, empty buy leads on the low side and hire lasts the situation of tall look forward to is favorable to owner, enhanced their bargain ability to tenement. Enhanced their bargain ability to tenement..

Rate of integral empty buy rises to 5.1%

Up to by August 2008, rate of annulus empty buy is in 1.8% ; Bay of gong of bay young / 2.1% ; Harbor island east 2.1% ; Area of pointed sanded chew 4.3% ; 9 Long Dong 18.4% ; And rate of empty buy of integral business mansion is 5.1% , relatively by July 4.4% rise 0.7 percent.

His add points out, in core area beyond develop office building project to also be met recently at short-term inside push headroom buy to lead. In 9 dragon east, project of new office building in succession completion. In August bottom, manhattan Realty obtains the paper of join the gang that delivers 9 Long Wan Manhattan Place, make Long Dong's newest 9 business mansion items. A tall building of this new first class business already beforehand lease 16% , predicting meeting makes the empty buy of market of integral office building leads 9 Long Dong down to to rise further.

In sky of current core market buy leads the circumstance of low look forward to to fall, annulus reachs the hire of bay of gong of bay young / to rose continuously in August in. Nevertheless, as a result of 9 Long Dongxin is supplied with the office building that is about to roll out nearly abundant, owner of the part inside your area is forced to reduce hire to make price. Hire of the whole inside the month rises, but growth pace is being decelerated.

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