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Dai Deliang goes: Governmental adjusting control sends building city short-term

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Firm of international property adviser- - Dai Deliang expressed yesterday all right, chinese government is right policy of a series of constrictive sex adjusting control at real estate, make future continuance of city of the building inside period of time is inferior confuse go situation, but the passageway of be issued to lower levels that industry whole did not enter decline. As the assimilation of the land that put an amount, what the dweller buys the buildup of room ability and investment demand is new release, this industry is basic the face is long-term still to good.

Chummage of put together of area of China of Dai Deliang travel serves trustee Jiang Shang Li to express on the press conference curtilage, the adjusting control policy of Chinese government aims farther standard behavior of each market main body, prospective 1-2 the government inside year ought to be given priority to with refining early days policy, reach the person that buy a house through business of normative government, bank, development further various the purpose that the behavior of a market main body will come to to obtain adjusting control. His analysis says, short-term is adjusted inevitable, but the rigid residence demand that also should see short-term keep long in stock remains to release. From at present the house value income of 6.98 times compares Chinese building city reach can pay scale of 41% two index will measure, prospective house price is added fast have the need that puts delay further.

In addition, the report of a research that Dai Deliang goes says, hasten of catenary of estate company capital will be helpful for what this industry spends centrally closely rising. Credit is constrictive will increase financing channel onefold medium or small the capital pressure of real estate, the kind that in causing, small estate company takes a project morely to make over dish vivid capital, the effective replacement of resource is helpful for what the market spends centrally rising, the farther standard of market main body reachs the superior bad discard of industry interior.

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