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High power international: Hire of Chengdu office building adds fast hopeful to p

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Yesterday, international of tall force of company of management of world famous property was released the market considers to report first quarter. The report shows, chengdu has office building of two first class to will be in finishing first half of the year this year, predict to increase those who bring about 170 thousand square metre newly supply this year, this will help the average price that uses office building of Chengdu first class relatively the 1971 dollars 2007 rise somewhat.

The report shows, first quarter, chengdu is not had add first class office building newly, hire level also with on the quarter keeps balance, in every months of every square metre 14.84 dollars are controlled, average price in 1948 dollars every square metre is controlled, average investment return rate is in 9% . The 2nd quarter begins, add supply general newly in succession throw on the market, the empty buy rate of first class office building rises, hire growth may put delay.

Additional, as a result of the Chengdu City is added newly without villa first quarter supply, the Chengdu City has a few high-grade apartment to be opened to the market only inside 5 the city zone, market demand is steady, empty place situation than going up the quarter drops somewhat. first quarter Chengdu a person of extraordinary powers curtilage average rent is the market every square metre 14.3 dollars, relatively on season increases 1.1 percent; Price all valence is in 1830 dollars, than going up 1991 dollars of the quarter fall about 4 percent. Nevertheless, a large number of villatic complete put in the market this year, at present high-grade apartment and villatic price are close to Chengdu, numerous apartment buys the home to change direction buy villa, villatic demand increases, predict this year second half of the year, villatic market may go present price to measure pair of situations that rise.

3 big factors make house price go up situation slow down

(reporter Qu Yongmei) according to investigation of Sichuan of national statistic bureau total fleet is investigated, first quarter, sichuan house sale price rises compared to the same period 7.3% , go up than last year first quarter fall after a rise 0.5 percent, than last year the four seasons spends fall after a rise 1.9 percent; Came last year in October this year March go up compared to the same period it is respectively 9.5% , 9.1% , 8.9% , 8.3% , 7.3% , 6.3% , a fall after a rise goes up in time of half an year 3.2 percent. Sichuan estate price rises situation from last year 4 quarters begin slow down to have 3 reasons: It is effect of policy of macroscopical adjusting control is shown stage by stage; 2 it is estate market is supplied increase demand to glide; 3 be safeguard system perfects housing to bring about billabong of commodity market demand soundly ceaselessly.

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