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Energy-saving decrease a platoon to begin the building glass of 90% to want to s

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Energy-saving decrease a platoon to begin from door window
The building glass of 90% should stick film

Automobile glass sticks film very general already, so, should our residential glass otherwise stick film? The glass of net of film of 2008 China window yesterday sticks seminar of velar standard expert to go up, products of construction ministry building and committee member of committee of technology of standardization of compose fittings product Professor Long Wenzhi think: The building glass need of 90% sticks home film.

In the structure that our country builds every year, what only 10%~15% can achieve a country make is mandatory energy-saving standard, 8 becoming above is high cost can be built. Current, 40% what our country builds specific power consumption to already took total specific power consumption, first what reside countrywide of all kinds specific power consumption, it is through energy of door window losing among them 46% .

Dragon professor expresses, the building is energy-saving must begin from door window. According to authoritative branch comparative experiment discovers, install the vitreous film that sticks national level, conduct heat coefficient can be reduced than general glass 30% to 70% . Additional, sun film still has safe, explosion proof, defend blindfold action, coloured sun film still can be prevented illicit is close. In Euramerican developed country, the rate sticking film that builds glass is as high as 90% , but home still is less than 10% .

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