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Wu Chong: Our country civil building is energy-saving standard system is formed

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On September 4, 2008 15 when, housing and Wu Chong of inspector of department of science and technology of ministry of urban and rural construction accept special report of Chinese government net, " fulfil " civil building is energy-saving byelaw " , raise the sources of energy to use efficiency " as online as the netizen communication.

Netizen: Fierce director, hello! I see in " byelaw " the 7th medium in have a regulation: "The country builds perfect and civil structure energy-saving standard system " , whether ask you to talk to build energy-saving standard to come on stage probably time, when to come on stage namely? Energy-saving to urging a construction what effect is there? Special acknowledgment!

Wu Chong: Building energy-saving standard system is our country urges the important step that builds energy-saving job, from on 80 time have the century, our country begins to build corresponding structure for civil building energy-saving standard. Construction ministry released the first civil building of our country 1986 energy-saving design standard, namely " civil building is energy-saving design a standard " . The heating that this standard applies to freezing and cold region lives building, put forward energy-saving the energy-saving target of 30% . Undertook editing to this standard 1995, released " civil building is energy-saving design standard (part of heating living building) " , energy-saving target rises 50% .

Build energy-saving development as our country south. Our country was released 2001 " living structure of Xia Redong cold region is energy-saving design standard " , building of living architectural of cold to Xiaredong region heats up this standard labour heating air conditioning, put forward to be compared with the photograph before taking energy-saving step energy-saving the target of 50% . Our country was released again 2003 " living structure of Xia Redong warm area is energy-saving design standard " , this standard built air conditioning of hot project heating to put forward likewise to this area living architectural energy-saving the target of 50% . In recent years, around develop the energy-saving environmental protection that save the land building and construction resource energetically managing model the environment is friendly model society, construction ministry takes integrated step from the respect such as program, standard, policy, science and technology, approve early or late released " public construction is energy-saving design standard " , " build quality of energy-saving engineering construction to check and accept a standard " the national level with wait for a few important and occupation standard.

So far, our country civil building is energy-saving standard system is formed basically already, expand cover the throughout the country of each climate areas live and public construction is energy-saving design, have living building already from heating area energy-saving transform, expand in the round all have living building and public construction already energy-saving transform, from construction of engineering of the heat preservation outside the wall outside the building, expanded build energy-saving project quality to check and accept, detect, statistic of evaluation, specific power consumption, use safeguard and run government, from traditional the sources of energy managing, expanded heat energy of solar energy, ground, wind energy and biology pledge can wait but of second birth the sources of energy use, what realize pair of civil building domains basically is comprehensive enclothe, also promoted a lot of advanced and applicable technologies to be able to popularize through the standard.
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