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Green builds the office building below tall specific power consumption of be viv

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Nowadays familiar to the ear can the heat that the green building of detailed is market attention all the time, a lot of people think, energy-saving building is green, do not use up actually like that, energy-saving the one part that is green only, but at least energy-saving sex building strode to green very big one step.

■ office building becomes bad news can large family

Energy-saving environmental protection is not new topic, but will a few years be in thunder all the time big, the awkward situation with small raindrop. A series of problems that the sources of energy causes are increasingly outstanding, on one hand price of international the sources of energy is rising, on the other hand, energy utilization rate all the time not tall, wasteful and serious.

All the time since, public construction is the large family that the sources of energy uses up, of office building energy-saving be ignored in a long time, what central air conditioning reachs vitreous act wall is large-scale use, abet the sources of energy of office building is expended. Air conditioning causes so great energy resources to expend, express above all the design is unreasonable now, it is energy-saving measure next unpopular; Additionally modern level of management does not follow to go up, energy-saving consciousness is not strong. According to relevant data analysis, the building of 99% belongs to our country high-energy bad news, office building the sources of energy is European country 7 to eightfold, be Japan is decuple. In building specific power consumption at present, heating air conditioning is occupied 65% .

■ little detail reduces big specific power consumption

The office building of business of company of Japanese each district, office building contains new-style air circulatory system, its air conditioning also is used mostly generate electricity, the more than heat that steel-making etc resource produces in circular process or solar energy regard motivation as origin, indoor temperature carries out a winter strictly also 20 degrees, summer 28 degrees regulation, because regulation of office building temperature is 28 degrees, japanese employee people OK also no longer business suit change is walked on, change to wear the T-shirt or do not make tie. Statistic shows, come nearly 10 years, power consumption decreased 40%

Argentine residence is energy-saving initial stage is designed to consider in the building, residential building uses large window basically, ventilated and smooth. Special place depends on, one is installed to coil outside door of every window, balcony shade, roll shade is comprised by hub, hub mostly 5 centimeters wide, 1 centimeter thick, length and window are neat. Roll when shade is put down completely, indoor almost invisible sunshine, produce the effect of sunshade heat insolation adequately. Roll shade is in design room the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am already considered inside, need the upside obligate in the window a space, the look gets a next sign that close. Installation wood coils the technology of shade is simple, cost is very low, but the effect of adiabatic heat preservation is apparent, had become necessary establishment of the residence.
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