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Wuhan specific power consumption is highest office building gives heat

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Yesterday, city is built appoint in Wuhan construction net published data of specific power consumption of 23 communal architectural, this is Wuhan city is executed to large and public construction first energy-saving superintend.

City is energy-saving do chief introduction, living building of prep above of communal architectural specific power consumption, can differ highestly 10 times. Fair show communal architectural specific power consumption, the purpose is to let communal architectural use can behavior accepts whole society to supervise, drive energy-saving transform.

Before this, city is built appoint, building of town of city land natural resources and university of science and technology of Wuhan of organization of house property management board, Wuhan is energy-saving detect the unit such as the center, to whole town building of office of office of 389 various states and specific power consumption of large and communal architectural had statistic, press office building, office building, bazaar, hotel 4 kinds, single out have 23 representative buildings fair show.

Look from the data that publish, the luck in office building connects square B building total specific power consumption is highest, office building of bureau of tax of land of area of the Han Yang in office building is highest, square of the Wuhan in bazaar (market share) highest, the hotel of colorful Da Tianlu in the hotel is highest. City is energy-saving do total industry to say, current, build specific power consumption " good value " how much be? The whole nation has not established a standard. Wuhan city will is opposite next architectural heating, refrigeration, gas divide into equal parts specific power consumption undertakes calculate and be analyticed, final cipher out " good value " , to will be opposite henceforth building specific power consumption exceeds " good value " electrovalency carries out found of the charge of electricity that increase price.

The country lives in room and requirement of ministry of urban and rural construction: Since this year, to the key of key city building specific power consumption executes real time to monitor. Want every year fair show data of specific power consumption of 20 communal architectural.

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