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Why first class office building should heat up pump type air conditioning with f

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Common central air conditioning is to use the refrigeration unit outdoor to be opposite cold (hot) intermediary water undertakes refrigeration drops in temperature (or heat warm up) , the cold intermediary after dropping in temperature by water pump general next (hot) water carries installation indoors in fan coil aircrew, the kind that takes on the spot to answer wind by fan coil aircrew and indoor air undertake heating up commutative achieving the goal that deals to indoor air.

If groundwater, river is mixed,technology of fountainhead hot pump can use source of water of earthly surface shallow-layer laky in draw heat energy of ground solar energy and ground and form ground low temperature low a heat energy resource, use hot pump principle, pass namely a few the input of exalted heat energy, what cannot use directly is low a perch that heat energy translate into can use can, achieve the goal of spare part high potential energy thereby. Fountainhead hot pump was to have the solar energy resource that uses deposit of place of earthly water system to serve as cold heat source, have the system of heating air conditioning of energy changeover.

Air conditioning hot pump is divided by its heat source can divide for air source hot pump and fountainhead heat up pump.

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