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Yesterday morning, standing committee of Beijing National People's Congress is right energy-saving decrease a platoon to undertake inspecting, 100 million exposure say river of professor of college of building of university of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua, actually the energy-saving technology of close half cannot produce energy-saving result in our country most place, he suggests to build large and public construction to run management center of specific power consumption, large to 1000 of Beijing fair build undertake real time monitoring. (" Beijing evening paper " )

Human production, life cannot leave a building, the mankind wastes much the sources of energy in the activity in the building. Our country is developing quickly at economy, the phase with capital construction exuberant demand, add floor area newly every year to amount to above of 2 billion square metre, occupy the world to add the in part of floor area newly almost. But, our country builds energy-saving level to lag behind at the developed country far. E.g. , be in a lot of places, edge street built the office building of vitreous act wall of a lot of beautiful air, and the public construction of not rare large dome. Do not block in the winter cold, summer does not block heat, must adjust all the year round with high-power air conditioning temperature, the twice that brought specific power consumption grows. Current, the building specific power consumption of our country already occupied the 27 % above of total specific power consumption, and still be in with annual the rate of a percent increases. With such speed progress continues, pass 20 years again, our country builds specific power consumption to will surmount industrial specific power consumption to become large family of the biggest specific power consumption.

When this age bound, oily, report, coal, angry price is climbed ceaselessly litre, energy shortage became the difficult problem that is placed before complete mankind. Our country regards foundation of a the sources of energy as not abundant developing country, if do not issue great strength to carry out energy-saving fall bad news, the sources of energy is supplied will be afterwards hard. Since build the proportion of specific power consumption one extremely big be like a day, be about to think method keep within limits above all it. The building is energy-saving contain two levels: It is a basis climate rule and energy-saving basic method, in architectural the respect such as front, structure, span, material undertakes reasonable design and construction, in order to achieve energy-saving goal. 2 be the careful calculation and strict budgeting in the process is used in architectural, in central heating, air conditioning, hot water, cook, maintain on the demand of illume, home appliance exercise restraint, managing the sources of energy.

Inside period of quite long a history, the Chinese is energy-saving without the building concept. From on 80 time have the century, build energy-saving concept to introduce China, but in local construction insurgent " GDP adores " make take time builds energy-saving concept painfully to get carrying out hard again. Can say, our country's existing most building does not accord with energy-saving standard. And compare with common and civil building, can of large and public construction says " black hole of specific power consumption " . Announced 2007 " year of Chinese building specific power consumption reports " show, monomer floor area exceeds 20 thousand square metre and use the large and common structure of central air conditioning, although occupy the whole nation to build the 4 % of gross area only, but the 22 % that energy consumption occupies gross; Year of power consumption of floor area of unit of large and public construction go to 300 degrees 70 degrees for every square metre, be equivalent to the 10 times above of average house. According to river investigation of 100 million professors, up to 2004, large and communal floor area occupies Beijing only the 5 % that Beijing citizen uses building gross area, but annual always is as high as 3.3 billion degrees however with n, the life that is equivalent to dweller of whole town close half almost uses phone.
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