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Top Xiu Jin Yu Plaza sold out of small units of about 200 square office

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Xiu Plaza at the top of Wangjiawan core area, Long Yang Road and Hanyang Avenue interchange, traffic, improve the supporting resources, good resources and excellent supporting urban urban landscape resources. Hsiu-top units sold in small square Exhausted, the last set of about 200 square meters of office space, the average price of 7200 yuan / square meter. The project is a commercial, office and apartment-style hotel is one of the large complex project, the current department store has been open ocean, and across 21 cities in the form of Chinese business and the three pillars of Moore as the best set of Wangjiawan The city commercial body. Top Xiu Plaza, a high-grade office space is the only pure office Hanyang, Hanyang into the high-end office marked the era, becoming the most typical business Hanyang coordinates. The whole floor area of 1,200 square meters office building, each floor can be divided into 8 A smallest unit, the smallest area of 90 square meters; office units of office space according to the needs of their own business combination (a continuous two steps can be combined into a whole file or a few office units). Xiu Plaza, was the top political office Government as a "business venture Hanyang base", the Government will be supported in various fields to help tenant companies to grow. Tax on business enterprises, incentives and other policies.
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