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Investment in second-hand office seven strokes and teach you how to gain easy

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First, the investment office used to calculate the annual return rate of the former. Rate of return = (÷ rent per square meter per square meter price) × 12 months. If the office space to the annual rate of return of 8% -10%, investment options are available Buy more than 10% annual rate of return, of course, the best. Second, the location of important public transport office location and convenient transportation which is very important degree. If an office is located in the remote inaccessible And traffic jams are not suitable for investment. Such as the office is to Subway, the price is right, you can invest. In addition In addition, offices have the number of parking spaces, is also very important and must be included in the test range. Third, the lift capacity and the number of office buildings were affected properties. Lift the quantity and the time of the decision on the ease of work, the elevator capacity to facilitate the decision whether to carry the goods, as well as the number of manned, as perimeter Sets, more important, choose to invest in a office, be sure to carefully examine the surrounding facilities, such as banks, shops, restaurants, apartments, etc., functions are complete is very important. Four office buildings surrounding natural landscape. If a high-rise office buildings all around, the sight is bound to be blocked, it would not be what the natural landscape. Because people work to a certain time, is bound to fatigue, floor In the setting of public gardens and flower garden, small green vegetation, can reach the purpose of relaxation. The natural landscape outside the office, you can lean on a railing overlooking the delightful people the benefit of rest breaks. Fifth, office lobbies and corridors. Bright and spacious lobby and corridors of high spatial, people feel happy and happiness and office lobby is to determine the grade of one of the signs. VI services for the office property management company. Directly determine a property management company office water, electricity, garbage removal, air-conditioning supply, parking management and other aspects of the problem. Choose to invest in an office When investigating property management company should not be ignored. VII, chose to take the lease second-hand office space. According to statistics, the lease for up to 3-5 years of second-hand office space, even higher prices compared with the nearby office 2000-3000 yuan / square meter, but also cost-effective. General management for high-grade office space High management fees, such as vacant a few months, the loss of management fees for office space rental income of the whole lot.
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