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Shenzhen Huizhou a major push into enterprise HK New World office building hous

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Wan Hui deep integration with the accelerated integration, Shenzhen, Dongguan, some of the original traditional industries, labor-intensive industries has become an inevitable shift outward, and the trends are becoming apparent. With the increasingly number of industrial transfer in Huizhou And also created the office market heating up in Huizhou. In fact, the industrial transfer is not nothing new, European and American industry shifted to the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan's industries to China coastal areas, coastal cities in the transfer of industries to the Mainland. From a global perspective, World flatteners Ten power sector and industry in the transfer there are two closely related: one is outsourcing, offshore operation of a mighty tide of change in the world map. Outsourcing means that the limited, specific services (such as R & D, call center or account management, etc.) to another company to do, and then completed the work of the re-integration into the overall operating system. Offshore business is an entirely different mode of operation: if a company will be its U.S. factories operated by offshore the whole way to China's Guangzhou, which means that the Guangzhou plant will produce exactly the same way the products, but cheaper labor, taxation, land, energy Sources can get subsidies, health care costs lower. Shenzhen as the forefront of reform and opening up in the international industry transfer has been pioneers, has achieved good results and experiences will be further industrial upgrading and development of leading industries. Shenzhen will be In the new round of competition and the future development of the strategy to seize the commanding heights of industry, Shenzhen will make great efforts to mobilize resources, increase the training intensity of the three strategic emerging industries, making the future pillar industry in Shenzhen, Enhance the advantages of their own development, strengthen leadership advantage. In fact, the transfer of industries around the corner of Shenzhen: Shenzhen industrial development situation is pressing, and carrying a high level of industrial restructuring and upgrading. Shenzhen's economic development Very strong potential for industrial development and upgrading to lay a solid foundation. From the structure of export products, trade and foreign investment situation, the Shenzhen industrial features high-tech industry has turned to the main processing industry Is gradually shrinking, gradually edge of. Shenzhen, Huizhou, in undertaking the process of industrial transfer is undoubtedly a very clear right place and people. In the process of integration, differences in economic development in Shenzhen and Huizhou, and complementarity, Huizhou plenty of land, freshwater and other resources Source is in Shenzhen, Dongguan, now missing, and technical information and other advantages of Shenzhen, Huizhou, it is precisely the hope of speeding up development eagerly. Huizhou economy more export-oriented manufacturing and processing trade, Shenzhen is relatively well-developed capital markets, more Strong innovation ability and the more mature system of systems, can Huizhou, the development of endogenous growth-based economy, reduce the risk of a positive impact on the industrial structure; for a point of view, Shenzhen, capital, technology and other elements which also won the exhibition itself The new stage hand. According to preliminary statistics to understand, the benefits the city each year from Shenzhen and Dongguan to undertake foreign-invested enterprises accounted for about 30% of newly approved projects, the current total of about 100, showing that the city of Shenzhen Wan Hui-strong force. City alone each year to increase by about benefits 100 Wando undertaken by foreign enterprises deep, if count the transfer of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, the estimated annual increase in benefits transfer new city will have more than 300 industrial enterprises, and most of these is a strong strength of Large enterprises, such as the introduction in recent years, Huizhou, Dongguan enterprises have deep: Foxconn, BYD, Kung Fu, Rainbow Department Store, Digital China, Altman electronics. Huizhou further promote economic development and prosperity, but also increase Office space for high-end market demand in Huizhou. Mong District, Huizhou occupy the first domestic commercial benefits will undoubtedly become a new world of industrial transfer in Shenzhen office market spawned the biggest beneficiaries. The surrounding area all music, Haiya, Rainbow, Wal-Mart and other well-known traders, the World Trade Center , Longsheng Building, Huayang Building, and other high-grade office buildings, Huizhou, 80% commercial, 60% of the population gathered here, enjoying the city's downtown core business district and convenient. Hong Kong New World two 43-600 m Hui SOHO, Grade A office space is House owner robbed in rent. Two 119,000 square meters of total building area, including Hong Kong Wai West Mall, SOHO space, CEO Deluxe Hotel Apartments, Class A office space, Ibis Hotel, Huizhou to create the core business platform. And the first phase can be Interest-free installments, from 10 million down payment, which bought the rental income for two years, life-long wealth of escrow. Mature complex upgrade did not rise in this business, settled in Hong Kong the first to benefit thousands monthly. Generous gift large area, high utilization rate, 70 years of property rights
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