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Shenzhen Grade A office vacancy rate continued to decline at present only 10.

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"September, we have a client looking for 500-600 square meters of office space, now no suitable property." Center of Midland Property Office Ministry of Regional Manager Zhongyuan Ming said. Southern reporter learned from the Jones Lang LaSalle , Shenzhen, three quarters of Grade A office rentals ring was an increase 10.8 percent overall vacancy rate continued to decline, the current vacancy rate of only 10.5%. The industry said that in the Century Center of excellence, Building 1, Grade A office space and other lease- based pre-market , Ideal for Grade A office leasing more difficult time being. Grade A office rentals of individual high The central area of the Grade A office space has been a major regional expansion of financial institutions, the data show, the Shenzhen sustainable development of the financial industry in the first half of the first half of the financial line of added value rose 13% recorded over the same period GDP Faster growth of 1.4 percentage points. Correspondingly, the expansion of financial institutions in Shenzhen, has remained active, thus boosting the demand for office rental market. Jones Lang LaSalle data show signs of recovery with the domestic and international economic spread to more industries, the market demand for office space have the leading role. High-tech industries and traditional manufacturing industry, for example, as the third quarter, semi- Ram tron conductor manufacturers and apparel companies Manni Fen expansion project at a large area of Class A office. Driven by demand, the vacant area of the old and the new completed projects are filled leased good overall average Vacancy rate of 10.5%. "As far as we know, now part of the Grade A office rents have been hitting new highs, such as China Resources Building, rents have reached 220 yuan / square meter / month." Jones Lang LaSalle official says. Subsequently, the press material from the AP Ministry of Industry office was informed last month, Midland Realty Times Square in excellent rental transaction has reached 195 yuan / square meter / month, which is one of the high real estate rentals. Expected before the end of the rent will be no major fluctuations The central area of Grade A office rents have been rising this year, each quarter are up. Zhongyuan Ming said that in August, the basic stability of Grade A office rents down, and very little can be leased area, offices and living Not the same as residential tenants, office hours are generally contracted more than 3 years, because of the decoration is very expensive, not easily to change places, so the market will not suddenly increase the supply of many. Now, by the end of the rent will not be even temporarily What changes, wait until the end of the year may want to change some of the office lease expires, if the demand increases, rents will rise by the end of round. "In addition to the above-mentioned tenant, but our hands more than a number of customers in Hong Kong recently, most of 500-600 square meters of office space looking for the hope that the end use and is still looking around." Zhongyuan Ming told the Southern reporter. He also disclosed plans to add the current supply, such as the Century Center of excellence, Building 1, no occupation, rents have been reports, after the occupation will not be cheap, is said to be 200 yuan / square meter / month. He believes that this price is currently at the center Grade A office space which is very reasonable. Jones Lang LaSalle, said the person in charge, with the improved economic environment at home and abroad, foreign demand will continue to return to the market. Although the supply of the future market is still very much, but growing demand will help Partially offset by the pressure supply, office rents still remains positive.
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