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Lou Panlong of international of bridge of Inner Mongolia gold appears on the mar

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Golden bridge international is located in square of government of the district that surpass rarely east side, male crouch breathes out city is had most appreciate the appropriate of latent capacity developing zone of bridge of house board gold nugget, proximate south 2 annulus
Road, traffic arranges free understand. Community total floor area 60 thousand Yu Ping rice, include 4000 make the same score meter of central gardens, flourishing of the 8000 commerce that make the same score rice is spread,

300 smooth rice health are met, be by exalted a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, business of fashionable meeting place, theme 3 greater part the international standard that distribute form form and becomes is compound life city

; Structure style uses the contracted and elegant technique of international popularity, dimensional distribution program is sound, pingmiduo plants 91—169 door model, contented and different

consume demand; 24 hours of elevator serve, high-end property manages, …… of intelligent security system, current, the project carries AA stage business smoothly already

Taste residential property to maintain prejudication; Of example of international person house make deducing in black town passion.

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