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Breathed out in May 2007 town house exhibits meeting summary

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Exposition of the 9th estate is in spring of Huhhot of first 2007 Inner Mongolia to came 20 days to be held in Inner Mongolia exhibition on May 17. This second exhibit basically can involve residence of people high-quality goods, trade landed, secondhand property of orgnaization of room, finance, village manages, adornment decorates a design network of afforest of material, gardens, estate in all 8 respects, among them estate ginseng exhibits a project in all 51.

This second ginseng exhibits an unit to add up to 51, among them new the city zone 16, the area that surpass rarely 13, golden bridge developing zone 5, the Huis area 6, flexibly developing zone area of spring of 4 the home, jade 6, and forest 1. Join the digit that unfurl sheet to measure most area or new the city zone and contest rarely area at present, but from breathe out at present city whole estate goes in light of situation the land of fontal area centers Jin Qiao developing zone and the Huis Ou Heyu to the limit of one's capacity has the tendency that rise, the growth of real-estate project amount of these 3 area is rapidder after predicting.
Current house is exhibited the meeting is new join the project that exhibit first in all 21, occupy almost enter the half that exhibits a project, see new building dish competition is very intense. Ginseng exhibit a project to be the residence more kind product, advocate push door model relatively concentration, it is more 80- - the product that 130 ㎡ control, among them drive water other people, on courtyard, bay China urban garden, absolutely city, Xianggeli all is belonged to appear first.
This second extend the project total scope that always can roll out nearly 9.5 million ㎡ (among them gigantic sea wall one million six hundred and eighty-five thousand five hundred ㎡) .
In the residence kind in the product, roll out door model relatively centralized is the product under 120 ㎡, if ” of “ champagne beautiful scenery, “ is absolutely,”“ of old and well-known family of park of ” of urban ” , other people of “ drive water, “ cheeks and home ”“ is aureate ”…… of China government office, in exhibit the amount is booked during the meeting highest or clinch a deal most is small family product, the area makes the same score rice left and right sides in 80—90 probably, the macroscopical adjusting control that indicates course state and breathe out of city estate value on raise, development business all uses total prices control when the product locates, in order to get used to market demand.
Current exhibit the residence that can roll out kind the product looks from sale unit price, all valence 1500——2000 yuan the project has 3, project scope adds up to 538 thousand ㎡; All valence 2000——2500 yuan the project has 3, project scope adds up to 329 thousand ㎡; All valence 2500——3000 yuan the project has 13, project scope adds up to 1.495 million ㎡; All valence 3000——3500 yuan the project has 9, project scope adds up to one million three hundred and sixty thousand six hundred ㎡; All valence 3500---4000 yuan project 7, project scope adds up to 2.155 million ㎡; All the project of 4000 above has price 3, project scope adds up to 187 thousand ㎡, value of partial commerce product is controlled in 10 thousand yuan, the others project did not disclose the price to the market, because project itself is in phase of early days warm-up. See from this, all valence is in 2500—3000 yuan the project takes main place, accept for the market more. And most project price is accorded with breathe out rule of value of city estate market, because partial project produces category is other and distinct and measurable lead.
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