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Golden bridge developing zone----The Pudong of Inner Mongolia

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Golden bridge developing zone is municipal class developing zone, since building a division oneself 2000, be supported energetically with what Huhhot city party card leads by the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, work to developing zone guidance for many times. “ puts forward to want a golden bridge developing zone to build the important directive of the Pudong ” that becomes Inner Mongolia when Chu Bo of secretary of Party committee of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region inspects a developing zone. When Yang Jing of chairman of vice secretary of Party committee of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, municipality inspects a developing zone, put forward to want with “ high starting point, with great quantity, the standard of modern ” builds Jin Qiao development. —— of golden bridge developing zone breathes out city appreciates the appropriate with greater potential occupies new developed area.
Golden bridge developing zone is municipal class developing zone, be in this project area brief introduction to be as follows now:
Development of technology of economy of Huhhot gold bridge is a basis Huhhot municipal Party committee the 8th committee is dozenth summary of conference of second clerk office [2000]9 date and Huhhot municipal government breathe out politics approve a word [the spirit of give an official of 2000]55 date file, it is ” of development of technology of economy of bridge of “ Huhhot gold at official on November 28, 2000 name, on December 11, 2001 less than of government of people of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region politics word [approval of 2001]353 date file is municipal class developing zone.
Area of overall planning of golden bridge development 43.6 square kilometer, north accepts the urban district, hu Yang road reachs on the west, ha Laqin arrives east channel bank wadi, balance battalion village is reached south, the thing is wide 4 kilometers, north and south grows 10 kilometers. The overall planning of the developing zone designs academy design to finish with aid university town planning by Shanghai of designing institute of domestic famous first class, the municipal infrastructure of the developing zone by Tianjin municipal program designing institute is designed, overall planning proves the conference to be held at was in Huhhot city on Feburary 21, 2001, by Huhhot city the leader is chaired invite a municipality to concern more than 20 people of leader and expert of area inside and outside to undertake be proved scientificly and be acquisitioned accord through. The program inside the developing zone has industrial district, administration office division, financial trade division, contemporary area of uptown, high-tech garden, it is collect is produced, learn, grind, insurance of trade, recreation, storage, finance, information seeks advice etc muti_function, integrated model, modern new-style development. To accelerate metropolis city construction, stimulative developing zone develops, it is a bound to be developing zone cent two large areas with little black river, namely the new urban district of 30 square kilometer and the industrial district of 13.6 square kilometers. Current, boreal area gives developing zone of this project seat Jin Qiao the municipal infrastructure such as catchment, blowdown, road, ventilated, electric power, heating whole already form a complete set.
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