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Appear on the market again via comfortable room policy next month comes on stage

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Rental classics comfortable room will increase punishment, prohibit applying for again inside 5 years; The serviceman can apply for classics comfortable room

Appear on the market again via comfortable room policy predicts to will come on stage at next month. Service of city of be a guest managed Yue Weizhong of vice director of center of city housing safeguard yesterday broadcast, to the safeguard of Beijing sexual housing policy undertakes unscrambling, if violate compasses general to rent via comfortable room, will get 5 years in the punishment that must not apply for to ensure sexual housing again.

This year in Feburary, city is built appoint seek an opinion to the society to the relevant policy that appears on the market again via comfortable room, appear on the market again via comfortable room to already was being bought, policy drafts according to bridal chamber new measure, Laofang old way. In what policy allots the autograph ordered room contract a few days ago, if appear on the market again,sell, according to house price 10% fill hand in what policy of money of land sell one's own things allots to sign contract of the room that order in the future, if appear on the market again, will according to buy the price and house of commodity of the place when selling the price of average price is poor 70% will hand in.

Yue Weizhong disclosed yesterday, build appoint had finished classics comfortable room to appear on the market again the society of policy is just show, in municipal government approval can allot formally later, the time that predicts to allot is in April.

Can apply for classics comfortable room to the serviceman, yue Weizhong expresses, the serviceman also can apply for economy of applicable room, its family member is OK also. If its are in force is original one place housing, army housing is exited when application, written perhaps consent is exited, can apply for economy according to the circumstance that does not have a room applicable room. If army housing is not willing to retreat, that can serve as its only show housing to have application, want to undertake corresponding nucleus decrease when matching carry out area in the future.

According to the new policy of classics comfortable room that Beijing implemented last year, prohibit strictly renting via comfortable room, rental classics comfortable room will instruct the person that buy a house to go back already bought housing or be pressed with price of housing of commodity of a sector of an area complemental the money that buy a house. Yue Weizhong disclosed yesterday, follow-up condemnatory measure is already at present certain also, rental classics comfortable room, 5 years in will must not apply for to ensure sexual housing again.

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