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Housing and ministry of urban and rural construction: Plan to restrict large are

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Whether is current estate market put in bubble? Housing and Wei of ginger of minister of ministry of urban and rural construction are new express yesterday: ?

He is to be in China to develop high-level forum to go up yesterday afore-mentioned denotive.

He thinks price of room of Chinese commodity room rises a delay of near future hasten it is normaller circumstance. Main reason is before administration includes local government to be aimed at two years high speed of commodity housing price rises, took the adjusting control step of method of a few economy; It is the construction scope that administration and local government increased cheap to rent a house next, increased the supply of housing.

He expresses, the problem of house price, it is supply and demand not just the element of two respects, still have the problem that people psychology anticipates. Accordingly, government now besides increasing supply, also be in guide people psychology to anticipate on take step.

The problem of the housing of large to limitation area and resource conservation, jiang Wei is new express, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction are wanting to be solved with economic method, "E.g. , we are studying now, one flatlet, two flatlet how many area, the method that gives priority to with economy uses the measure with property other perhaps tax to undertake limitative for instance " .

Jiang Wei is new express, administration already published relevant policy, room of the 2nd ring has a few to restrict an item in respect of application bank loan, at present this policy is afraid still need to continue to carry out.

Jiang Wei is new express, from long-term in light of, housing policy system and room value are euqally fundamental, should be built and perfect the housing policy system that accords with Chinese national condition, it is to should insist to set out from the fundamental national condition with person much little ground above all, build science to reasonable housing is built and consume mode. Want sound program, in main construction small model housing, on the foundation that assures a function in elaborate design, in increasing as far as possible small model housing is supplied.

Next, want to insist to produce the effect of government and market correctly. The housing policy system that build and perfects market adjustment and union of governmental safeguard photograph.

Replying " daily of the first finance and economics " about room of small property right " ban and more than " when the problem, jiang Wei is new express, to this problem " studying " .

Before this, the State Council allotted in January " the announcement that builds the law that use the land and policy about carrying out concerned country collective strictly " , prohibit townsman buys house of small property right. But the market shows, room of small property right trades to still exist.
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