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Cheap hires a room to rent taxation policy to come on stage via comfortable room

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-- the individual buys halve of duty of classics comfortable title deed

The reporter learns from bureau of cess Wu of peaceful wave city, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state came on stage to aim to promote cheap to hire housing, economy the policy of total revenue privilege that applicable housing system is built and health of the housing market that rent develops, hire housing, economy with cheap the new favourable policy related applicable housing is carried out since August 1, 2007, rent relevant new favourable policy to be carried out since March 1, 2008 with housing.

According to policy regulation, hire housing management unit to cheap according to the governmental valorize, hire income that ensures an object to rent cheap hires housing to the regulation, avoid impose tax of business tax, house property. Hire housing, economy to cheap applicable housing construction hires housing management unit with the ground and cheap according to governmental valorize, to hack of formulary safeguard object cheap hires housing to use the land, avoid ask for town land royalities. Development business in economy the form a complete set in project of applicable housing, commodity housing builds cheap to hire housing, in commodity housing project form a complete set builds economy applicable housing, be like the relevant data that can provide a government sector to issue, can hire housing, economy by cheap the scale that applicable housing area occupies total floor area is avoided ask for development business to answer the town land royalities of pay. Enterprise or business organization of unit, society and other organization make over old house to hire housing, economy as cheap source of applicable housing room and appreciation forehead did not deduct project amount more than of 20% , avoid impose land value added tax.

In addition, hire housing management unit to buy housing to hire housing, economy as cheap to cheap unit of applicable housing management counter-purchases economy applicable housing continues to regard economy as source of applicable housing room, avoid the tax that sign a contract. Buy economy to the individual applicable housing, on foundation of statutory tax rate halve imposes agree tax. Press to the individual " cheap hires housing to guarantee idea " the cheap that the regulation obtains hires housing money allowance, avoid impose individual income tax. The individual donates housing to hire housing as cheap, donate the forehead to did not exceed what its declare to answer specified amount of pay taxes income the part of 30% , allow answer from its deduct in specified amount of pay taxes income.

Additional, the taxation privilege policy that supports development of chummage hire market also comes on stage along with all the others. The gain that rental to the individual housing fetchs is decreased impose individual income tax by the tax rate of 10% ; Rental to the individual, bear the renting contract that hires housing to sign, avoid impose stamp tax; Rental to the individual housing, not divisional utility, on the foundation of 3% tax rate halve imposes business tax, impose house property tax by the tax rate of 4% , avoid ask for town land royalities; Right enterprise or business organization of unit, society and other organization press market price case to rent to the individual use at living housing, decrease impose house property tax by the tax rate of 4% .
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