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Business spreads optional location points for attention 12 attentions element 7

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Once decide to be in somewhere set up shop does poineering work, must nod to what choosing the ground make an on-the-spot investigation in the round, understand quantity of density of situation of this area transportation, population, stream of people to wait a moment. Business shop optional location is problem of a compound decision, show enumerate the attention of optional location of shop of a few business element, the likelihood is right be about to your meeting that the distributor spreads is helped somewhat.

Of business shop optional location " 5 big pulse condition "

Business spreads the feature of the individuation that invest even if should spread according to business, have optional location, have special investigation and research, job of this kind of early days just is carried out like the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine medium " feel pulse " , through collecting " pulse condition " delivered information, undertake a case analysis to investing an object, the instinctive judgement that shop transforming business invests is science decision-making, adopt right strategy, obtain produce lease the business shop with exuberant ability. Business is spread " pulse condition " information is very much, investor is in " feel pulse " when, can from proceed with of the following respects, undertake collection, analysis, Baconian, inference, form judgement then.

"Pulse condition " one of: Business spreads the economy that is in area to develop horizontal discretion, it matters to the income level that is in area population, namely the consumptive ability of area population is mixed by force weak.

"Pulse condition " : Local mouth circumstance, the measure that includes population, density and old age change rate, population density is too low, form commerce not easily to flourish, old age changes degree to explain the quality of purchasing power is inferior too high.

"Pulse condition " : The price of commodity house. Commodity house is the mark of commodity of a kind of standard, its price reflected the consumptive ability of habitant.

"Pulse condition " : Business shop is in business to encircle the business inside to spread gross supply demand relations, supply demand relations affects the price that business extends.

"Pulse condition " : The oneself requirement that business extends. Condition of business shop oneself is very poor to commercial applicability, obstacle establishing inn is very much, so the use price that business extends is very low, to business shop price produces undesirable effect, compress business to spread the ascendant space of value.

Above a variety of " pulse condition " the main factor that is value of influence business shop, this is need of business shop investor is very advertent.

Investment business shop needs to undertake to investing an object the technology is analysed, both neither can feel accordingly, also cannot excessive speculation plays " short, smooth, fast " , because business shop investment is a periodic and longer praedial investment activity, need the regular handle matters according to investment; Investing common law is: Investment cycle grows a risk more bigger; So the terminal decision of investor wants the test of withstand time.
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