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Business spreads the 4 big successful essential factor of optional location

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Commercial land industry has a famous remark: "The first condition with successful retail trade is optional location, the 2nd condition also is optional location. " it is large shopping center, convenience inn, chain store no matter... it is very important to be engaged in commercial activity optional location. The meaning of commercial establishment optional location depends on the investment that it is a long-term sex, the strategy of battalion of already of immediate impact look forward to is decision-making, it is retail business is carried out what be central viewpoint with consumer is important reflect, it is a when affect enterprise beneficial result critical factor, also be to make an enterprise manage target and the important basis of management strategy at the same time. So is the measure of real estate of businessman choice commerce what kind of?

1, passenger flow program is main factor

Business door people optional location has particular demand, different businessman chooses the position of commercial real estate to also differ. Program of the passenger flow in process of commercial optional location is the mainest factor that selects inn site. Mart is consumptive center, tell from economic benefits, mart must satisfy whole town to consume the requirement of the market, strive for as far as possible much client; Tell from cost effectiveness, should strive for the biggest collect benefit, requirement utmost favourable geographical position uses all sorts of infrastructure of the city, the dimensional configuration that so urban population distributings is mart those who form development is important restrict an element.

Vice president of group of Su Ning electric equipment holds concurrently China Fan Zhijun of executive president of Beijing University division thinks, not be community must be greatly over there set up shop, want to consider the guest flow of this community even. Resemble square village area for instance, the community here is enough big, but open Le Fu of a home to perhaps open a Mai Delong to do not have a problem, because population is much, use up to commodity bigger, but to electric equipment inn of such durable consumer goods is not quite appropriate. Because community capacity is certain, it is more mature community, already saturated to the demand of electric equipment, and the cycle that electric equipment product changes grows quite again, if go in again,the inn of an one domestic electric equipment is done not have necessary. And, the person of other community also won't because buy a color television or have to of a freezer runs to Fang Zhuang, coessential the product that turn is too much. Such, cannot assure on passenger flow, the choice is over there set up shop is very unwise.

Cao Lidong of general manager of sale of golden letter telecommunications expresses, their optional location can choose the place that gathers together quite in commerce commonly, voice of circumjacent course of study is richer, such guest discharge can be compared big, those who realize guest discharge is complementary, drive each other.
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