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How does the enterprise choose office building

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1, the market demand of poor dissimilation

As the otherness of district, disparate industry and company are right the demand of office building each different.

Difference of this kind of demand is changed in the city differ and the area of each different keeps economic progress level objectively in. The center of research and development of partial enterprise or choice of area center preference are in urban suburban district, emphasize environment and humanitarian confluence, consider cost factor, like the whole world Ba Sifu of the biggest chemical enterprise Germany sets the site of factory in area of Shanghai golden hill, xi Menzi establishs battalion carry center in Yang Pu area. The office property inside advantage of a few large banking industry and downtown of city of need of client of service line of business, traffic, flourishing area, if the road mixes Shanghai Nanjing on the west,brand of top class fashionable dress mixes assemble of land home mouth financial bank orgnaization. A few medium or small companies are willing to choose the region of brim of the city zone with good condition of cost economy, in-house hardware more, like general Tuo Ou Taopu the trade matter of the area sheds garden division.

Be in in the near future in, the tide that fractionize of office building market turns is worth to pay close attention to, although the La Hai of demand of fractionize market generation is in same company, because function is different the choice of office place is endless also and same. Large company asks as a result of the working property of different branch, what wait for choice element to figure, traffic and in-house hardware condition is different emphasize particularly on, because this can choose different office area. For example, the more of sale layout branch of large company pays attention to grade and figure, the first class office building that chooses urban center area normally regards office place as; and the branch of research and development of the enterprise chooses outskirts of a city more. Partial enterprise can build headquarters economy.

The diversity of contemporary company decided the diversity of office space demand.

(1) considers the function of office space, the enterprise of disparate industry, measure to the requirement of office space differ somewhat again. Be like It kind enterprise, the meeting power supply quantity to office space, bear gravitational demand is relative taller; originality kind the enterprise is met ask; ad firm is very high to requirement of independent air conditioning high to the layer of office space somewhat, because their need often works overtime,wait.

(2) needs to consider economy and utilization rate. Favourable geographical position of the biggest effectiveness uses limited space, create best office effect, implementation investment yields than the biggest change. As the ceaseless development of socioeconomy, the company already stopped in the exterior to property, level that decorates whether luxurious air not simply to the demand of property, more involve its environmental protection, energy-saving, the element such as daylighting, safe, advantage, ask humanism and office space photograph are united in wedlock. Be like air whether healthy, daylighting whether good, equipment is interior traffic whether unobstructed, architectural environmental protection is energy-saving and characteristic, the culture that reachs property to whether fit a business. The unity of pluralism and individuation is the cogent demand that the company grows pair of office spaces. Large company works to its employee health is a serious consideration.
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