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Geomantic the help with learn to think the gas field of lucky environment has to the person's courage and resource, wisdom certain, affect the business then promote decline, the success or failure of the career. Choose geomantic the premise that good business shop address is career success, let us look together, what kind of geomantic can make business shop more flourishing --

1. Counter position is very significant

Business spreads the position of geomantic and important counter to be close friends, should not be close random place, decorate is proper at the same time

2. The door of the shop is the pharynx and larynx of the shop

The door of the shop is the pharynx and larynx of the shop, it is client and commodity discrepancy and current passageway. The door of the shop is daily greet how many what send a client, deciding a shop promote decline. Consequently, measure to the client's reception to make the shop can rise, the door is unfavorable do too smally. The door of the shop is done too smally, narrowed namely by geomantic view house curtilage gas mouth, go against pay morale, the afflux that makes enrage decreases decelerate, reduce the life inside house thereby, add dead energy of life. To be in business for the activity, the door that regards discrepancy as the passageway is done too smally, can make client discrepancy disadvantageous, if client even the word of commodity of guide and support, can appear stumble, attaint of very possible meeting already sold the goods that go out. Narrow inn door, still can cause jam of stream of people, congested stream of people makes a few clients see shape go no further likely.

3. The exit of avoid staircase sets bar

The shop often furnishs bar in the exit of staircase, the purpose is the commodity that should make the client sets foot on floor to be able to see place is promoted of course, offer the possibility of commodity in order to increase, but this kind of practice often makes a few clients can intended steer clear of this bar, and the bar on the side of the trend. You might as well will block the bar in stair mouth to on the side removed 2 meters.

4. Decorate color needs discreet

The color of shop decorate has very big exquisite, contemporary a lot of shops pay attention to the color with in-house storefront very much, from geomantic angle character, the color with in-house storefront, want and consider.

5. Business spreads a gate to should notice

A lot of good city mouths are to be in the place such as trident crossing, such stream of people are much, but had better change the entrance of shop door to be entered by side, with the evil spirit gas that hold off and comes, such meetings are better.

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