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Choose location wants a place

No matter residential it may not be a bad idea, the spatial it may not be a bad idea of set up shop, when choose ground, should abide by the following:

1 , do not choose low-lying ground; 2, before do not choosing tall hind small land; 3, before do not choosing big hind small building; 4, the building that do not choose road end; 5, do not choose south to have tall building. (If south has hill to never mind, if have tall building,be no good. ) 6, the building that do not choose built on stilts to be on water; 7, do not choose front door window to be opposite the building of large tree and telegraph pole and and so on of electrical wiring transformer.

Shop adornment

What want be particular about above all is, the travel of color, the travel look that wants the travel with the destiny, travel of the industry, shop is born or complementary. The travel photograph of the career that the travel of inner structure when adornment should pursue with you complementary. The position of mammon must be put in money or auspicious on. If cannot be accomplished,be inferior to be not being put. Business shop decorates the date that begin construction, need choice auspicious day, and should mix with the boss the photograph of the five elements from personnel of course of study complementary.

Adornment wants the class look with kinds or types of goods complementary. Too luxurious adornment sells common kinds or types of goods, better perhaps kinds or types of goods is sold in too poor environment, in geomantic come up telling is incorrect. Divide decorate beyond, adorn article, of crate put also have very much exquisite, must be in auspicious on the thing that puts action money, in fierce on put change evil spirit content. Such ability can attract more clients to come to consume.

Geomantic adjust

When the five elements between category of the destiny that becomes a boss, industry and business shop cannot close or be born, ask professional and geomantic division to undertake major with respect to need geomantic adjust. For example, boss destiny the five elements belongs to fire and want to pursue aquaria trade, had better adjust business shop the structure to belong to wood so. Such, wood can make a fire, water can give birth to wood again, but life shop is suitable. If here business spreads money go up, put white crystal again, can make exchequer more flourishing.

Will always tell, business is spread and do not have too much very geomantic, with bad say geomanticly, how is the key adjusted in the need with you and you.

Expostulatory and geomantic it is a very professional course, in the meantime, it is very of differentiate card. Evil spirit gas is too heavy, suffer unexpected personal financial losses of hard to avoid. But lacked development power again without evil spirit gas.
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