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Geomantic: Trap of careful office building bewares Lilliputian takes advantage

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Inside office building, the crisis is heavy, let Lilliputian take advantage carelessly a bit, make small report gently, job to be not protected again. Have to notice carefully so geomantic, and as soon as possible is dissolved.

Evil spirit gas 1: Reception desk is right long corridor

If falling,be dest clerk, just reception desk aims company gate, long corridor is outside, and long corridor forms evil spirit gas to develop reception desk continuously, as dest clerk you inevitable be the first to be affected, bear this evil spirit gas, if you are sturdy,volitional word can not work with abdication, often can fall ill otherwise. If fruit is such really, can think method is dissolved.

Dissolve a method:

1. can put a plant in on reception desk stage or so horn, or insert a flower also but.

2. can put lens one side inside reception desk outward, go out reflex of evil spirit gas.

Evil spirit gas 2: Corridor develops a door

Corporation area is large, regular meeting forms a long corridor between two pew, and your room grows corridor to this, its evil spirit gas also is mixed afore-mentioned evil spirit spirit is same, light a disease, handle affairs again not do one's best, often make mistake, last job is not protected likely also. If you are a boss, meet such condition, meeting often without reason gets angry, without endurance, displease a guest, lose business, must want to dissolve so. Because the room is inside the company, can put a plant to dissolve beside the door only and can not reflex evil spirit gas with lens quite, because use a mirror to go out reflex of evil spirit gas, can affect other employee.

Evil spirit gas 3: The place is right the boss' room

Secretarial seat often the room to the boss, also can form evil spirit gas so so, case also is mixed above close, just do not have so serious. Its dissolve a method, can be in only the desktop puts a plant to boss room place. But if desk edge has had screen, and sit down when, the top of head of screen prep above, can hold off evil spirit gas, need not dissolve.

Evil spirit gas 4: It is corridor rear, or the place that person bearer goes

Back of a chair is company main thoroughfare, for backside dew sky, without backer, divide cannot outside absorption job, and god-given boss is favorite, every have the company queasy, be fall victim necessarily a flock of. Remedial method, had better be rearward add screen or put lofty leafiness plant, but above two kinds of method won't do mostly, that puts dress of a coffee to serve as backer in that the back of the chair only.

Evil spirit gas 5: Pointed horn face each other

Some time room just is in the position of corner, the nether world separates an issue, meet sometimes to outside the horn of the seat, form pointed horn face each other so, very adverse, light a dispute, injure a disease again, if do not have method to alter door, criterion appropriate at outside horn put a plant to dissolve, or at the room left top right corner as string of 1 the plant is OK also.
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