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Business store appearance decorates escape adverse element is geomantic with " m

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"Since moving store, before business comparing flourishing a few, the client that come is much also, I suspect the storefront previously is geomantic and bad. " a friend that surnames Cao tells the author. Actually, the reporter has not listened to similar one's words to, though business stand or fall complete attribute a fault to is geomantic and opposite extreme, but the geomantic plot that also reflects a many mercantile in one's heart from flank.

How can the person that be in business just choose be in good business to spread? Does business shop have skill of He Bu buy again? Interviewed a few geomantic experts for this reporter.

Money of flourishing of person energy of life is angry

As we have learned, business extends geomantic phase geomantic to household and character, take seriously especially " money " element, the business is only ceaseless, business shop just may be managed go down, because this business lays geomantic goal,be through applying geomantic learn knowledge, select advantageous management site for operator, adopt in-house position, make operator gains good service advantage.

Fragrant young lady shows heart result, business shop optional location should choose can benefit promotes the environment of grand at buying and selling, business. Namely the person gets angry to heal more more flourishing, and what life can bring the business is flourishing. Town is medium now, living population is increasing, it is not difficult to should find much place, and the place that the youth collects also represents flourishing of life of this a sector of an area, the business is good do. Can choose the local set up shop with much stream of people to manage according to managing the characteristic of the project because of this operator. Business shop and house are different, exquisite person energy of life wants flourishing, the ordinary person is connected to shed much, person to enrage flourishing near crossing, bring a large number of business chance from this, its appearance drives a lot of famous businesses around crossing, the business perfectly.

In addition, when choice business is spread, before wanting door of be particular about, widen, get angry in order to admit all directions, this and be in business pay attention to guest of wide accept all directions to agree. Widen before shop door, face all directions, can make can see shop front at further client and pedestrian, be helpful for the business begin. The road before the door cannot return an old unit of length for measuring land (outward turn) , or keen house part, corner is approached, or large tree, telegraph pole is held back, or long and narrow tunnel rushs continuously.

Appearance decorates escape adverse element

Business store has been chosen be equal to is everything is just fine, saying to choose good business to spread so is the first pace merely, the real case that the businessman extends according to business even undertakes decorating, actually appearance is decorated is a key. Dong Yiji of secretary-general of association of world Chinese Zhouyi introduces, the door should receive a grade and leave (come towards the road namely there open the door) . The counter should be set in flourishing square, if this year is flying star, the counter can be set in east to mix southeastern. Can be in flourishing put the goods such as jade, crystal ball, aquarium, plant, in order to press flourishing money bit, ji Weiyi opens the door, window, accept flourishing is angry, business of store allowing trade more flourishing, progress is better. For example money star arrives this year Oriental, the flourishing property such as jade, Jin Chan can be put in this azimuth; Southeastern festival star arrives, can put jade, potted plant to wait.
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