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From classical Lou Panxuan location sees traditional structure geomantic

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Be located in too Hunan bank, by the mountain range that the day looks hill is comprised, by thing is moved toward too the hill of mountain range a man's cap used in ancient times of the lake south, go with lake city the village of aureate Mediterranean residence that hill park is a center. There is mountain of ridge in a field east, there is Ren Huangshan on the west, there is what the foot of a hill or mountain by north of weather eye hill south water system of brook of Chinese trumpet creeper is flowed to on the west too the Mao of the lake harbor, have the seat of people government again, the good environment that person of market armed forces, mechanism, culture, recreation, commerce, school ranks a village to be an organic whole. This is true it may be said is landscape an organic whole, natural an organic whole, humanitarian an organic whole, beautiful deeply a person of character is resided " geomantic treasure ground " .

Current, the flying development of social high-tech and modern industry, make the life quality of people more and more hasten is perfect, the desire of yearning and healthy, good surroundings also looks forward to more and more. People wants to have the surroundings of a good natural modes of life and relation to their environment not only, and also should have firm geomantic demand to the living environment of illicit close sex. Make oneself have the life house with a safety, stable, auspicious, flourishing, good cause.

" Huang Di curtilage classics " say: "It is the body with the situation curtilage, it is hematic arteries and veins with spring, it is flesh with land, it is hair with the wood, it is the dress in order to abandon house, it is coronal belt with the portal, wraparound and what differentiate of external environment careful chooses residence of palpability of figure ground analogy is main content, say simply, it is the assessment of quality of dimensional atmosphere environment, involve the residence all around hillock, running water, the relation between pond, forest and road construction, main with " argue form " " examine is angry " 2 kinds of methods try careful observation and cut into parts.

In relief curtilage the law of the differentiate form of look doctrine, kind with doctrine of look of mountains and rivers-land, also with " look for dragon " examine water of arenaceous, view, attack a vital point for main content.

Of everythings on earth unripe, in order to take the energy of life of heaven and earth, pursuit " inside gas is produced, figuration is enraged outside, photograph of inside and outside is multiplied, geomantic become oneself " but because of " the small, form of form of the person that enrage person write angrily, enrage concealed and know hard, form clearly " the gas that the lofty quality inside here is underground, gas points to the gas of the ground outside, gas is again inside curtilage infield place atmosphere, gas criterion is surrounded for the environment outdoor outside combine quality, include already zoology microclimate waits for an element, compatible also psychology experiences the element that waits for a respect, make the residence has the complete quality that can satisfy people physiology and psychological need.
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