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Desk ideal azimuth

1, the good position of the desk

Of the desk put cent to plant circumstance, one kind is scriptorium picks the intermediate share in office building, arrangement of another kind of scriptorium is in business the ground lower level of the building, such scriptorium does not have a window, the desk is put in the scriptorium that does not have a window, what basically consider is two kinds of relations: It is the relation of desk and door; The 2 relations that are the person after the desk and back thing. Allocate in what concern to these two in, have wanted to notice at 2 o'clock, should notice to cannot facing the desk into the door, the 2 people after wanting to notice to sit in the desk want a kind to have a wall by lean, cannot have redundant empty. Still should notice to avoid a desk to the door, basically be to make the leader is when the job, the interference of the noise outside be come from the door not easily and get the peek of other, after avoiding a desk, have redundant empty, basically be to make sit in the person that the desk deals with the be in businessing of business affairs, decrease those who come from body backside is empty with not dependable feeling, increase dependability.

The emplacement of the desk, before the stage due a broader space, press geomantic view one is angry area, can make of the person broad-minded. In the meantime, desk distance door is further, and the door is to be located in on the bevel of desk left ahead, can prevent another person from the door direct peek and the noise outside coming from the door, of the desk hind it is a solid wall, because the wall avoids,give a person euqally as the mountain range with solid sense, make the desk is relied on somewhat again.

The 2nd kind of circumstance, scriptorium chooses to be in fenestrate building, choice fenestrate building serves as scriptorium, want to look carefully at the environment outside the window above all, requirement by window overlook when, in the window ahead cannot see have chimney a kind jinx...

If the door of scriptorium opens in top left corner, the desk also can adjust the position accordingly, the effect is euqally good, do not suffer alleged the influence that belongs to photograph Ji Xiangzhi to say.

2, the desk furnishs abstain from

The desk furnishs abstain from, basically be to show the azimuth of the decoration is unsuited, leader or the person that be in business can have unwell feeling when the job.

The desk furnishs abstain from, basically have 5 kinds of cases:

1, avoid back door

desk and door the decoration opposite side, the person carries the door on the back and sit, this is desk decoration the first want to avoid.

2, avoid side face each other

Place the desk in what take the door on the right side of, desk and door submit inclined form, abstain from with respect to what made a side face each other. The job can be disturbed, work efficiency is low, still can affect healthy.
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