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House home knows 21 geomantic contraindication surely
The residence is geomantic, first-rate means should spend a body to be built surely according to master characteristic. But also having a few general principles is applicable, decorate in house home namely in, cannot make aquatic of a few wind big fear, meet uncomfortably otherwise, adverse, and have adverse effect to master meeting. It is Ju Jiafeng water decorates 21 contraindication below, is those who visit your home geomantic arrange the place that conflicts to it?

1, introductory forethought hutch lavatory, withdraw motion curtilage

All houses, the introduction sees a sitting room surely. Modern building is designed, sometimes the configuration to consider a space, often see kitchen, dining room first into the door or bath lavatory. This is in relief curtilage big fear, also should not to often manage, live among them, domestic motion declines surely.

2, the door is right gate, indulge in excessive desire

Bedroom door cannot is opposite gate, otherwise habitant of easy prevail on indulges in licentious concupiscence in.

3, the sitting room is in the middle of the house big auspicious

Average house, if living room or sitting room are set in what make a room in the middle of, this is the elephant of a kind of big auspicious, can make a Yun Changlong.

4, irregular house cannot do a kitchen

If irregular house is used do a kitchen, can affect family health, irregular house is only usable will do use between the deposit.

5, crossbeam presses a top, affect mood and health

Crossbeam most avoid pressing reachs mensal upper part in the head of a bed, desk, if cannot avoid really, also want to design the ceiling, will hold off, can affect the mood of the person that reside and health otherwise, career carry also is met suffocate suffocate.

6, irregular house is unfavorable do a bedroom

Irregular room cannot use those who do a husband and wife advocate bedchamber, can bring about otherwise long the consequence with infecund marriage.

7, bedside presses lens, sleep peacefully hard

Cannot be opposite besides the bed besides big lens, if the two side of the bed have big full-length mirror, will make the person sleeps uneasiness is firm, bring about dream of insomnia, Jing to wait.

8, the bedroom cannot be decorated full of beautiful things in eyes

Of the bedroom tonal with warmth of simple but elegant advisable, avoid by all means too too bright-coloured, also do not decorate full of beautiful things in eyes, excessive and luxurious, glisten decorations shoulds not be particularly.

9, bath lavatory is right bed, be careful foul disease

Advocate in the bedroom, cannot be opposite besides the bed besides bath lavatory, side is right also ill-fated, make person meet with contracts severe foul disease easily.
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