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Newest test house " 36 plan "

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After everything does appropriate, can check and accept a building eventually. Fantast garden already was it seems that in the hand, actually otherwise, your task is very right now formidable still, because check and accept so not simple also.
About the door

1. Is the open of the door shut smooth?

2. Is the door inserted whether to insert too less? Gate space whether too big (especially of door lock at the same time) ?

3. The door quadrilateral whether clingy doorcase? Doesn't door switch have special sound from time to tome?

4. The bolt of gate, door, door lock whether too long too close?

About the window

5. Do window edge and concrete interface have without aperture? Window frame is belonged to easy bump place, casing wall juncture is in must close-grained, cannot have crack.

6. Switch window whether too close? Is open shut smooth?

7. Is window glass in good condition?

8. Is there anhydrous floodwater on low-lying land below windowsill? If have,may be a window slack.

About the floor

9. Does the floor have without become loose? Dissilient? Bump sunken? When walking whether does Zhi Zhi make sound?

10. Floor space whether too big?

11. Doesn't teak floor have be soiled of big black water?

12. Is interface of lower margin line appropriate? Have without become loose?

13. Whether does the ground have break? Have deny an arenaceous appearance?

About ceiling

14. Whether is there break on the top? Best without break, break must look is what kind of break. Generally speaking, with the break of room beam parallel, belong to the quality common fault of at present, although have quality problem, but do not hamper basically use; If break and corner show 45 degrees of bevel, show verticality with crossbeam even, so with respect to the specification the building sedimentations serious, this residence has problem of quality of serious structure sex.

15. See coping whether have hemp place. Major of dot of this kind of hemp says " lime explodes dot " , it is limewater what did not pass enough time is ripe change be caused by. If coping has hemp place, will bring very big adverse effect to upholstery.

16. Does ceiling have anhydrous floodwater on low-lying land? Crack? If have water floodwater on low-lying land, the specification has the ill will of leakage. If you are to live,carry the resident of a house on the head, so observe top layer whether leakage cannot forget absolutely.

17. Ceiling of particularly advertent toilet has paint to fall off or grow mould.

About wall body

18. Wall body ceiling has without partial apophysis, knock with club have without empty sound?

19. Does floor of wall body, ceiling have without special tilt? Bend? Undulatory? Apophysis or sunken place?
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