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Sign of division of civilian test house goes breathtaking: Lintel is engraved c

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"Top layer rains to leak, ground floor did not steal height, of wall build by laying bricks or stones 7 crooked 8 twist, kitchen toilet design must do not have a law to use... " the owner forum that browses village of house of a few commodity at will on the net, the quality problem that the dweller blames emerges in endlessly.

The division of civilian test house that Nanjing does not wish to disclose a full name told about his test house experience to the reporter: "From 2005 arrive first now, every house that my check passes has quality problem almost. " he is Nanjing " division of civilian test house " the inaugurator of this one new line of business, be in at present 10 many cities open of countrywide test house orgnaization, at the same time he still is the assistant chief engineer of a state-owned construction company of Nanjing. It is his an account in one's own words below.

Multifarious building quality problem

I discover in real test house, the problem of quality of dispute root nature that the person that buy a house often encounters, have 3 kinds roughly. The first kind is concerned with the standard that develops business, designing institute. Some development business did not develop a building dish experience, unidentified to product fixed position clear; The thing that can draw on some designing institute blueprint, build namely do not come out, show stylist lacks industry common sense; Some smokes lampblack machine, kitchen to provide etc held off a window; Some toilet bath crocks and sit implement endure too nearly.

The 2nd kind is sale and construction design are out of line. The acceptance when some development business makes a sale sends attic to owner carrying a layer on the head, the design refines level to discover building span is insufficient, the house south held off the sunshine of northern part house, so attic take out half.

The 3rd kind is worker level insufficient. Estate develops nearly two years very fast, technology worker is in short supply, barren of occurrence laborer of a lot of places. In the absense of skilled worker worker, some farming laborer still was yesterday in the home farm, be cried to build a house by the fellow worker today. This is caused a lot of get in the build by laying bricks or stones when wall of build by laying bricks or stones without groomed worker uneven.

Some buildings still are put in problem of quality of a few nature, basically be to develop business to build the ill will on link and housing materials in the foundation jerry, bring great and safe hidden trouble to the project. 2005, I am in Nanjing the name is " ⅹ of Qin Huai ⅹ " see on project building site, originally foundation should have 50 stake, but 48 are found only when detecting.

Locomotive system " annulus annulus is out of order "

In recent years, our country is annual construction area amounts to 20 much square metre, the summation of area of construction of otherer than the whole world country is even much, a few years building dimensions grew every year with high rate in the past, and the personnel quality that project ginseng builds each, level of management is hard however inside short time grow synchronism with project scope, bear building force not to follow to go up is clearly. This is to cause the main reason that at present problem of commodity house quality sends more.
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