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"The building has not handled card of good property right, had turned for secondhand, can be such house bought? " good see a favorite room not easily, five the young lady is hesitant repeatedly, "Buy, the 2nd does not have property right card, if how landlord goes back on his word to do? If how landlord goes back on his word to do??

"I have a brilliant international house wants to sell, had not handled card of good property right, want to turn to the 3rd person. " in fontal city company of intermediary of one house property, the reporter comes up against what should entrusting room source Mr Dong. Mr Dong bought a house from others hand, nevertheless he thinks gas of stock market ox is towering now, and the house price of fontal city rises for some time recently not big, think a house then again pass on. There is a power of attorney with landlord only on his hand at present nevertheless, without property right card, also did not deal with trade change the name of owner in a register, but he thinks through turning precatory form resell gives tripartite however, get price difference from which.

The reporter understands, just made a room besides the part before long outside the house, fontal city urban district still exists to had handed in a room to still do not have the house of property right card for years in great quantities. This share building is in fontal state is normal and current trade, basically undertake through entrusting reputation of notarial, contract, individual to wait for means. To this, the lawyer reminds, the house that does not have property right card is mishandle, discretion wants when consumer is bought.

Fontal city did not do property right card to trade still frequent

The reporter understands in interview, fontal city urban district does not have room of property right card trade, have two kinds of cases commonly, one kind is to just made a room before long period room, property right card has not been dealt with come down; Another kind is the house has made a room old, but bring about house property card to cannot be dealt with because of developing the problem of business or land problem to wait. Nevertheless, hind the house of a kind of circumstance trades in the market as before very frequent, wait like square of dynasty of the big holiday castle, new residential quarter that greet ferry, century, Long Tenghua garden, times.

"Do not have property right card and do business in intermediary of fontal city house property already special and frequent. " controller of intermediary of one house property tells fontal city the reporter, intermediary of a lot of house property is opposite fontal city put in such risks to trade early already common, the 60% above in the house business sheet that in them the company clinchs a deal do not have property right card, return very few occurrence dispute at present nevertheless.
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