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Cent door is checked and accept or division of house of test of will terminative

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New Year of quality of residence of ● peaceful wave is divided door check and accept 100% check and accept eligible ability to make a room

● sees test house detailed rules receive a room to have profit greatly nearly

● Hangzhou om a few days publishs similar policy

Actual measurement error cent door checks and accept 5 millimeter above had not connected

Division of civilian test house may be transitory only

Long-term since, quality complete checks and accept the residence to selective examination by the scale of 10% only, but rose on January 1 next year, must 100% check and accept eligible ability consign. Recently, peaceful wave city builds project safety quality to supervise terminal to release a message to say, with residential quality cent door checks and accept what synchronism carries out to still include substance of residential engineering construction to examine. When residential consign, solid check-up check reachs cent door to check and accept a result to should serve as " residential guarantee of quality " one of content give resident.

Quality is divided door checking and accept is the foundation is checked and accept to go up in unit project quality, with unit project medium every (set) the residence and public position differentiate to undertake checking checking and accept for one stature unit project. After every residence is finishing, construction unit should organize the unit staff composition such as inspect manage, construction to check and accept a group to execute cent door to check and accept. Already the property management company of make choice of also should attend check and accept.

Cent door checks and accept the quality that uses a function with examining project impressions quality and impact to give priority to, include building floor, metope and ceiling, door window is installed, baluster installation, waterproof project, interior space size, give drainage system installation, indoor and electric project is installed, public position, common establishment and the content that other provision asks to check.

Quality supervisory orgnaization will selective examination randomly quality is divided door check and accept a result, check result and cent door check and accept a record abhorrent, range estimation observation has apparent difference or actual measurement error is in 5 millimeter above, and via what affirm, can decide cent door checks and accept a record truthless, instruct rectify and reform. Right the practise fraud in checking and accept, reduce a level, will unqualified project presses qualification acceptable behavior, will press concerned law laws and regulations to handle, give bad behavior the record.

Because basically be so,through be opposite test block of raw material, concrete and reinforcing steel bar solder of quality detect will judge structural substance quality, did not consider the impact of conserve quality, real measure and other factor, not be very accurate. Accordingly, unit of the construction since next year should entrust the orgnaization that has corresponding aptitude to sample to structural substance detect.
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