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On November 27 afternoon at 3 o'clock half, the Germany that hurries to An Ji on a special trip is stationed in assistant consul general of Shanghai consulate general Dr. Bobu to be after the environmental protection house that in checking and accept farmer Renwei, builds, very affirmative land declares where one stands: "This project is worth to popularize very much! If this project builds completely, after the affirmation that gets concerned an expert, german government is willing to tell German economy the group very much, ask them to pay close attention to. Ask them to pay close attention to..

Ren Weizhong of many years old 40 had built house of 3 environmental protection at present. The average a house owned by a citizen that should compare same size besides the cost of every house is low 30% besides the left and right sides, the biggest advantage of environmental protection room depends on wintry warm Xia Liang, very energy-saving. "The house sense that I think I am built is great, can managing the sources of energy, reduce the destruction to the environment, reduce farmer burden. " the act building a house that oneself speak so in Renwei.

This year in March, germany is stationed in Rui Wufeng of Shanghai consul general to be signed with him on behalf of German government build " house of rural zoology test " contract, affirmatory free offers the commonweal sex of 8000 euro to endow a fund. Ren Weizhong became the farmer that Zhejiang and even China sign commonweal of environmental protection room the first times to aid financially a contract with German government. Current, german government had provided in Xiang Renwei 90 thousand yuan of commonweal are aided financially. Aid financially many than the fund that signs on the contract 20 thousand yuan. Dr. Bobu tells a reporter, german government is mixed every year in Zhejiang, Anhui the meeting inside the area under administration such as Jiangsu has small commonweal to fund a project, the key is aided financially support project of deficient, woman, environmental protection but durative development 3 direction. "Environmental protection room of Ren Weizhong belongs to the 3rd domain, his project is worth to popularize very much, the person that can let other area completely as demonstrative project will learn. The person that can let other area completely as demonstrative project will learn..

Approbate in what get German expert hind, "Be stationed in assistance of Shanghai consulate general to was built 2006 by Germany " the entrance that square card is hanged in environmental protection room is in boldly. Ren Weizhong had new crazy idea again: Ask the expert with real cause of countrywide enthusiastic environmental protection to do demonstration to environmental protection room together. Current, environmental protection room of Ren Weizhong had caused trade of classics of the county that install auspicious appoint interest, local government is preparing to fund of the application in the province.
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