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Province disappear assist said yesterday -- new clothes repairs a room to detect

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Yesterday, the reporter saves disappear from Zhejiang assist understanding arrives, at present for investigation Hangzhou family decorates air quality state, give customer in order to consult, since this day, province disappear assist the residence that will collect 20 new clothes to repair to the society, invite those who have aptitude to detect orgnaization, saving disappear assist reach media supervise below, decorate a room newly to these 20 to undertake free air quality detects.

According to introducing, attend detected new clothes this to repair a room to must sign the house that decorates about to decorate a company, contractor bag expects, decorate a project between finishing 7~60 day, furniture and adornment are bought oneself without owner inside measures room, single room area is less than 50 square metre, residential address is confined to Hangzhou urban district. Same home decorates the residence that company place decorates not to exceed two.

Province disappear assist chief expresses, the welcome accords with the consumer that collects a condition to sign up eagerly, hope to prepare to use the family that makes marriage room or children room to take an active part in more, they withheld 5 to detect freely each for this kind of family only quota of people. Detect result by province disappear assist all is announced to the society, inspect detect the circumstance releases consumptive caution, invite relevant expert to analyse existence reason and the way that suggest to solve. Sign up can dial phone 0571-87066174.

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