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Cent door is checked and accept, owner very want right to speak

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Hangzhou city next year is executed " cent door is checked and accept " particular operation matters concerned has not come on stage formally, but discuss ardently what this message has caused the very much person that buy a house. The problem that people cares most is, owner can participate in cent door to check and accept, how to participate in? The reporter understands in interview, although owner people holding very tall enthusiasm in the arms to participating in, but should participate in effectively, still two problems need to fulfil.

Cent door is checked and accept, owner wants to participate in very much

Several days ago the reporter received the email that hair of gentleman of week of reader of an our newspaper comes to, told about him bisect door is checked and accept in be operated actually a variety of is anxious, the problem basically centers in a respect: If cent door is acceptable,check debit still is in charge of an unit to comprise by unit of manage of design, inspect, construction and construction, construction only, the rights and interests of owner still is couldn't get reflect, he hopes, owner also can participate in cent door to check and accept in go.

"The house that oneself buy I hope I can be participated in of course check and accept, saw with one's own eyes looks, feel with one's own hands always say to want than listening to others true and authentic. " it is owner together, flocculus supports approve of attitude to the idea of Mr Zhou.

In interviewing, almost every owner checks and accept itch to try to participating in cent door. Golden gentleman tells a reporter, his friend once touched a hapless thing, the ceiling in midnight falls down, overwhelmed not only on the television, still be bungled to the bed, "Want to be afraid of, if oneself are participated in,check and accept, body of the ceiling, wall I am must knock carefully, check of one check. Check of one check..

Did not quantify a standard, check rises have difficulty

Say like Mr Zhou place really, no matter be Xiao Shan area already was in of try out, or Hangzhou urban district prepares to execute " cent door is checked and accept " system, had not involved owner to participate in content temporarily, but to a lot of owner, it is the eye that would rather believe oneself not whole also letter checks and accept a proof. But on the other hand, the problem that exists at present is great majority owner it is layman, it is not certain also to although was participated in,be checked and accept can discover a problem, so dividing door how in checking and accept, ability makes owner more effective participate in?

"If cent door is checked and accept,can come on stage, I welcome of course, but owner is not an expert after all, if check and accept,have careless omission, the result still cannot resemble safeguarding the rights and interests of owner what anticipate in that way. " owner Miss Lv expresses, although develop business to ask her test house, she or meeting look for test house division to go together.
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