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Did you do building check-up?

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Honored guest: Controller of place of appraisal of safety of Hangzhou town house

Topic: The building uses appraisal of safe, building

Time: Today 17:30~18:30

Hot line: (0571) 85310888, 85311110

Rose on October 1 this year, " house of Hangzhou city town uses safe regulation " begin to carry out. On November 13, " appraisal of safety of house of Hangzhou city town runs way " also begin to carry out. As these two code come on stage, the topic of building safety takes the view of people again, cause the citizen's greater attention.

The question that common people pays close attention to is very much: What building should have identification? Be in around construction, the wall in the closest home also subsequently craze, encounter such situation, who should resident look for, how is ability judgement the responsibility of construction unit? Regard construction as the unit, what kind of measure should they adopt to protect the security of our building again?

In addition, when the resident do sth without authorization with downstair oneself changes smoke evacuation conduit, downstair resident to decorate, tear open change wall body to allow? Building safety, by who to say to calculate after all? The building appears unusual, who should look for to differentiate? Hear the building wants to do check-up regularly, have this necessary really, how long check-up has been compared...

This afternoon 5:30~6:30, place of appraisal of safety of Hangzhou town house is relevant chief our newspaper of be a guest " bridge " column, if using field of appraisal of safe, building about the building a little with you, inscribe.

If you have the doubt of these respects to perhaps suggest, our bridge hot line dials when welcoming to: (0571) 85310888, 85311110.

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